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Amarr Steel Garage Doors

Amarr offers a total of 300+ residential garage door designs to fit your style and complement your home. Our residential garage doors are available in 3 different materials and 3 different constructions for increasing levels of energy efficiency.

Open up to a new way of thinking. The garage. It's more than a way in, or a way out. Inside it's a parking lot, a gym, a workshop. Outside, it's an extension of your home. A reflection of your personality, of your individuality. Whether you prefer steel, recycled wood composite, wood, or ornamental iron designs, it's time to rethink what a garage door is, or can be.


Stratford Collection

The Stratford Collection is built in standard gauge steel, and features durable, low-maintenance doors in your choice of traditional styles. Available in: 44 Designs, 6 Colors.

Gal olympus_02

Flush Panel (FP)

Gal stratford_01

Short Panel with Prairie DecraTrim (SP21)

Gal olympus_03

Short Panel with Stockton DecraTrim (SP20)

Gal stratford_02

Short Panel with Cathedral DecraTrim (SP22)

Gal heritage_03

Long Panel with Waterford DecraTrim (LP25 Almond)

Gal stratford_04

Short Panel with Sunray DecraTrim (SP27 Sandtone)

Gal olympus_01

Short Panel with Wagon Wheel DecraTrim (SP26)

Gal stratford_03

Short Panel with Cathedral DecraTrim (SP22)

Gal heritage_01

Flush Panel (FP)

Short Panel with Cascade

Short Panel with Cascade DecraTrim (SP23 Medium Woodgrain)

Long Panel with Stockton

Long Panel with Stockton DecraTrim (LP20 Medium Woodgrain)

Short Panel

Short Panel (SP Medium Woodgrain)

LP Medium Woodgrain

Long Panel (LP Medium Woodgrain)

LP20 Dark Woodgrain

Long Panel with Stockton DecraTrim (LP20 Dark Woodgrain)

SP20 Dark Woodgrain

Short Panel with Stockton DecraTrim (SP20 Dark Woodgrain)

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Openings in Steel

Express your style in steel. From classic Carriage House designs to contemporary flush panels, get a striking look that stands the test of time. Exceptional performance, low maintenance and durability.