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Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

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A garage door you would love to come home to. Beautiful. Safe.Energy efficient.

Not merely an afterthought, but one that adds style and curb appeal to your home. After all, a garage door is your home's largest opening .

It deserves as much thought as you give to doors or windows.

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Garage Door Panel Options

Charleston panel
Lexington panel
Westfield panel

Newport panel
Providence panel
Oak park panel
Oak Park
Camden panel
Hampton panel

Painted Finishes

White garage door paint
almond garage door paint
clay garage door paint
gray garage door paint
brown garage door paint
green garage door paint
white clay garage door paint
white gray garage door paint
White / Gray
white green garage door paint
White / Green
Camden Custom Paint
Charleston Custom Paint

Charleston CustomPaint ArchedStockton
Charleston CustomPaint StockbridgeII
Hampton Custom Paint
Lexington Custom Paint Cascade
Lexington CustomPaint StocktonIII
Lexington White ClearII
Newport CustomPaint Stockbridge
Newport TruChoice StocktonIII

Newport White
Oak Park Custom Paint
Oak Park Custom Paint
Oak Park White

Providence Custom Paint
Providence Mahogany
Westfield Custom Paint
Westfield Custom Paint Stockton

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Camden Custom Paint

Model 9405 Garage Doors

Your home is a reflection of you. It only makes sense your garage door should also convey your style and taste. ” Wayne-Dalton Model 9405 sectional steel garage doors that are rugged, low-maintenance, and insulated. They are pre-finished in Eurowhite, gray, green, or clay.

Beautiful as is or ready for you to custom paint to match your home’s trim, Model 9405 garage doors are available in a range of sizes. Just select the windows and trim options you want to customize your door’s looks. Be sure to complete your garage door purchase with the convenience, safety, and security of a Wayne-Dalton residential garage door opener. Only Wayne-Dalton manufactures both the garage door and garage door opener to work together as one complete system. Available in either contemporary wall-mount (idrive) or traditional ceiling mount (prodrive) designs, Wayne-Dalton offers the quietest and most advanced residential garage door openers to meet your needs and taste.